Romance is fun and all, but we can think of plenty of things that are better than an overhyped V-Day dinner:

  • A quiet bubble bath and a bottle of wine for one. (Is sharing really caring? Kinda sounds like a buzzkill, TBH.)
  • Snuggling with your dog while watching Real Housewives reruns. (Your pup won't judge your taste in entertainment, and you can wear those decidedly unsexy but OH-so-comfy sweatpants.)
  • Thai takeout straight from the container. (No plates to wash means you're saving water, you eco-warrior!)
  • Eating BOTH of those cute heart-shaped cupcakes you bought at Whole Foods. (Again... sharing is overrated. Plus they're vegan! That means healthy, right?)
  • Online shopping for the perfect bikini and then realizing there is a huge SALE on all your favorite styles! (Free shipping and free returns means you get to try on at home - skip those awful dressing room mirrors that make you wish you hadn't eaten both cupcakes.)

Eat both cupcakes. Buy the bikini. Plan the tropical vacation of your dreams. Happy Valentine's Day to YOU, girlfriend! Now treat yo'self: