about naia bikinis founder

Have you ever had to swap out your favorite bikini for that sports bra and an ugly pair of bottoms that you keep in your car for "emergency" surf sessions? If so, you feel our pain! Founded by a surfer girl on the North Shore of Oahu who was tired of having to choose between cute bikinis and unflattering activewear for surf sessions, Nai'a Bikinis is an answer to the classic debate of form vs. function. 

Bikinis are an essential part of life on the sunny North Shore (where most women have more swimsuits than pairs of shoes) but we are all too familiar with the catch-22 of the "perfect" bikini: if it looks amazing in the dressing room, it'll be too loose in the water and you risk an embarrassing swim to shore... but if it's tight enough to stay on in the water, it's probably giving you the dreaded muffin-top effect while you're lounging on the beach. 

Our cheeky styles, fashionable cuts, and beautiful colors are enhanced by high-quality construction, supportive straps, and adjustable drawstrings. Everything is reversible and designed to mix-and-match, so each bikini offers multiple looks. Wear it loose on the shore but tighten the drawstring before a surf session for the perfect fit.

We truly believe that you shouldn't have to choose between comfort and functionality, and that your bikini should never keep you from doing your favorite activities!