Our Partnership

Hawaiʻi Land Trust is dedicated to the protection and stewardship of the lands that sustain Hawaiʻi, and Naiʻa Bikinis is proud to support HILT through volunteer work and monetary donations. In addition, 15% of all profits from our new Kawailoa collection are donated directly to HILT to further their land conservation efforts throughout the islands.


A Message from Hawaiʻi Land Trust

Hawaii Land Trust logo

The land sustains us - from the fertile soils of local farms and ranches, to native forests creating drinking water, to coastlines rejuvenating us and providing fish, to historical landscapes where we pass on the traditions and cultural practices of these islands.

Hawaiʻi Land Trust protects the lands that sustain Hawaiʻi, and teaches future generations to do the same. We believe that we share a common destiny with the land and the well-being of ourselves and our children depends on the health of the land. The future is our kuleana.

Learn more about the Hawaiʻi Land Trust at hilt.org